Payroll Fraud & Risk Management

Companies are confronted with many challenges, of which fraud prevention and risk management is one of the most prevailing. Payroll is becoming very specialised and linked thereto are the challenges of payroll fraud and risk management.

There is thus a growing demand for specialised and skilled assistance in areas of risk management, fraud prevention and fraud investigation. Y Schoültz Attorneys can assist your company in identifying and managing these areas through the following services:


The payroll system, as well as the payroll environment is evaluated and assessed in order to identify risks in the payroll processes. Some of the risk areas include, but are not limited to:

• Segregation of duties.
• Processes and procedures.
• Payroll system access control.
• Payroll fraud areas.

Based on the findings of the assessment, recommendations are made
to mitigate and manage the identified risk areas, as well as proposed customised payroll processes and procedures.

The findings and recommendations are documented and discussed with the stakeholders of your company.


Payroll fraud is most often stumbled upon by accident, and by then the company has already been defrauded of thousands if not millions of Rands.

Should your company realise that there are possible fraudulent activities present in the payroll system or the payroll environment, it is crucial that an investigation is conducted by a specialist to ensure the preservation of evidence and a thorough investigation of the payroll system and environment.

It is crucial to answer the following questions during the investigation:

• How did the fraudulent actions take place?
• Who is/was/were involved in the fraudulent actions?
• The total monetary value involved?

The findings of the investigation are carefully documented with a detailed description of the steps followed during the investigation process, as well the findings of the investigation in order for the findings to be presented in internal and legal procedures.


Y Schoültz Attorneys can also assist your company with
the following:

• Drafting and/or evaluation of employment contracts.
• Drafting of payroll process and procedure policies.
• Drafting of customised payroll documentation.
• Access control code of conduct agreement.
• Company specific documentation.

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